I began working in higher education immediately following the completion of my BA in English and Art History from George Mason University in 2008. Operating as the Administrative Assistant for the Center for History and New Media, I was able to encourage my long-standing passion for History while also investing my time and energies in those who work to make it more accessible through digital media platforms and strategies.

Pursuing a personal interest in nature conservancy I moved to the Jane Goodall Institute. Here I honed my marketing skills while developing an interest in fundraising. As part of the team dedicated to Membership and Marketing I traveled throughout the DC area recruiting federal agency employees to support the work of Jane Goodall and our organization.

My return to George Mason University found me spending time with prospective and current graduate students. I learned the nuances of applying to graduate school in the humanities and social sciences through my work with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Admissions. Eventually I moved into a department setting and found my home in the History & Art History department that I previously graduated from. Here I helped both current and prospective students navigate the maze of graduate school. Working with students was what I set out to do post-graduation and I was doing just that.

My own interest in graduate studies was sown over the years and in Fall 2014 I entered the MA English Literature program. Shortly after I added the Certificate in Professional Writing and Rhetoric to my studies. In January 2017 the opportunity to focus solely on my academic studies presented itself and I left my employment with the university to devote myself to my graduate degree. I will complete both programs in May 2018.

Through the years I have developed a passion for both web development and children’s literature. I hope to combine these interests one day and contribute to an organization that believes in the power of comics and graphic novels on children and young adults.