January 30

Part A) WFD: So far I have managed to select a theme, though I am struggling with a few of the decisions by the developer, namely white font. I imagine I will need to select a new background image for the header to make it work, or just pick a new theme. I also added a widget that helps individuals subscribe to my site with one click. Since I am aiming to develop this website for my own personal lifestyle blog, I went with a catchy title that hopefully draws DIYers and a variety of readers to the site. Possibly an issue with audience identification to dive into later.

Part B) I want to feature the image editing software GIMP. This program was a lifesaver in 2016 when I was designing a website from scratch for another course. GIMP offers PhotoShop-esque treatment for your images. I intend on developing a logo for my website with GIMP.

If you’d like to read reviews of GIMP try these:

TechRadar GIMP Review

MacUpdate Review
Part C) I have not identified an area of writers I would like to engage with at this time.
Part D) N/A

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