Laundry Room Anew

Laundry Room

When we moved into the house in 2011 there was one glaring issue–the laundry room. The other spaces were workable for a time. Open with nothing in them. However, the house didn’t come with a washer or dryer so empty was a problem. We purchased them with the other appliances for the house (this was a pricey year for us!) and set to work on our first modification in the house within six months of moving in. The laundry room was an opportunity for design. It was a dark space with no windows. Coming off the garage it is obviously a place that coats and shoes will also wind up. Organization is key. And honestly it didn’t just happen with this project. It’s taken YEARS!

So in March of 2012 the chance to have an in-house painter, my grandfather down from Illinois, presented itself and we jumped on it. I went to work and left Gramps with a can of paint. By the time I returned home a bright, happy, yellow had been applied and we were set for cabinets.

The following weekend we installed the cabinets. There was nothin’ in this room by way of storage so we went with cabinets on both sides of the room. Pre-painted cabinets from Lowes (these are the current model in stock) were the way to go. We were new homeowners and installing cabinets was a daunting idea. With the help of my grandfather who has redone a number of homes in his day, we got them up with the help of shims. Thank goodness for shims. These little pieces of wood kept our cabinets straight on walls that were not-so-straight. I am grateful for the easy installation of these pre-made cabinets and I can attest to the longevity of the product.

A problem area, though, happens to be the height of the cabinets. I wish I had done more research around the cabinet height question because I had to decide in the moment and live with the answer–how high do you want them? Honestly, it’s a mixed bag. They are high enough that the washer and dryer fit nicely, but you need a step-stool to get up to them. Or you could try my approach (that is not fondly viewed of) climbing on top of the washing machine to get what you need. I store all kinds of household things in these cabinets including an extensive collection of candles and tissues.

The opposite wall has the cabinets at the same height and a custom shelf that Andrew built from MDF below them. Beside that resides the dogs water and food. Our realtor gifted us a wine-themed coat rack and we have that hung on a short wall for the receipt of coats, umbrellas, hats, etc.

This space is one of the highest traffic areas in the house. We enter our home more often through this space than our front door. I am grateful for the years of brightness that it has offered even though there are certainly some quirks to it. It’ll need some re-doing to accommodate the kids soon enough, but for a laundry room/mud room it is working just fine. I have a few projects that we have undergone in the space since it’s initial design. I’ll post more on those specific things later.

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