February 20

Honestly, I would rather be stuck staring at my own code at one in the morning and developing a website independently of the overabundance of features that WordPress has to offer. It is getting incredibly annoying trying to navigate through the two dashboards. Anyways, I have worked on branding across platforms–Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all reflect the same cover photo and profile image now. I have tagged my first official post (I was unaware up until our last in-person class that we were supposed to be posting two blog posts) and even gained two followers who are not related to me off of it.

An individual named Stuart M. Perkins found my blog shortly after I posted “Laundry Room Anew”. He followed it and it led me to reviewing his site. This individual has amassed 43k followers. His profile states that he is from Richmond, VA and currently resides in Alexandria, VA. He seems to have a history of finding small blogs and promoting them. I am curious about his process and how he stumbled upon my site.

In terms of my research for the upcoming project I had an interesting interaction on Facebook over the weekend. A group I follow called “Caffeinated Moms” shared a post from a woman named Amy Weatherly. It was touching and while I was feeding my son it made me savor the moment a little more. After “liking” the post I perused her page and then moved back to my own feed. Almost immediately I received a notification that I was “invited to like their Page”. I wonder if this process is automated or if Amy Weatherly herself was poised on her page, ready to send an invite to follow. This procedure reminds me of the way several of the professional blogs I have visited have set up their pages for pop-ups automating their Follow Me options. I’m not quite ready to set up a public page yet–I am quite private on Facebook–but feel it may be the only way I can figure out many of these options. Overall though, while this page has “Personal Blog” listed as it’s purpose, there is no obvious independent website established. This opens a whole other can of worms, I think, around what a blog is supposed to look like.

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