Toddlers, Tiaras, and Mommy’s Stress Level

Have you ever been to see a princess? Not the real ones, monarchy and what-not. No, I mean the princess.  Our particular princesses are currently Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen. These two ladies show you what the meaning of love is (and it isn’t found in a gallant partner) but your sibling, your family. Case and point, we gifted our daughter an Elsa doll to rev-up her excitement about the surprise costume we bought and the first thing she says is “Where’s Anna?”.

Our daughter celebrated her birthday this week and we took a drive to see Disney on Ice. I was impressed to see how many of the kids were dressed up and that they were comfortable being dressed up as many a princess. There were Snow Whites and Cinderellas in addition to the main ladies. It was a beautiful thing to hear so many children cheer as Elsa found her liberation, hit a high note, and tossed that tiara.

Of course peeling that costume off my daughter after nearly eight hours of wear was a challenge. She was determined to sleep in it but I figured a stadium and a restaurant were already on the thing, it was time to don something new. I’m grateful she loved the thing as much as she did. There was so much that could have gone wrong and I imagine any parents reading this have felt the stress/pressure/insanity of trying to plan a birthday outing for your kid. Sure she’s little and she’s not going to remember this a year from now (or will she?) I was panicked as we were driving the highway, an hour from our destination and an hour and twenty minutes from the start of the program. Raw and exhausted from the previous day’s party, I was certainly snappy. My husband said it would be fine but I knew otherwise. We were doomed. We were running out of gas too. This was going to ruin everything. We’re now sitting at the gas station and not moving closer to the show. I was getting icier than Elsa.

We made it
This is the face you make when you made it. And your mom is chronicling it with the time.

Popping back on the highway we made it to the city and in a moment of clairvoyance I directed my husband to the first deck on the left. We navigated our way to the proper exit and came out right across the street from the arena. This was uncanny. We were also on the right side of the stadium. Someone was watching over us.

For a 12:30pm start we were butts in seats at 12:30pm. The watch proves it. I was awash with emotion. I leaned over to my parents and expressed my desire for happy tears. I was hellbent on making this a magical birthday and dammit it was happening. The rest of the day was going to be gravy compared to this.

And it was. She loved the show and the baby behaved. There was singing and dancing and flashing lights. A slight departure meltdown and we were heading to dinner. It was a great night. We came home, there was playing with new toys and an extra-late birthday bedtime. She was happy and so was I.

In the end I’m frustrated with myself for losing my cool. I frequently note the yin and yang relationship my husband and I have when it comes to stressful scenarios. I absolutely am the hot-headed, stressed out one while he coasts on a cool breeze of “everything’s alright”. But here we were, sitting in the arena, there for the start of the program and our daughter was none the wiser to the chaos in my mind. This was a great day for her and she still would have had a great day if we were ten minutes late. The lesson of the day was definitely to keep my nerves down and just be happy.

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