February 27

Questions for Survey of Blog Readers

  1. What draws you to this blog?
  2. How frequently do you read this blog?
    1. How much time do you spend on this space a week?
  3. Do you re-post this blog to social media or through your own blog?
  4. Do you comment on this blog?
    1. Have you ever experienced a negative response?
      1. If yes, has that response made you feel uncomfortable with your participation?
      2. If yes, have you considered leaving the blog in response?
      3. If no, have you ever seen someone else receive a negative comment?
    2. Has the author ever engaged with your comments?
      1. If so, did they thank you for commenting?
      2. Would you say they were engaging, or was their comment open-ended?
    3. Do you comment on other blogs?
      1. If yes, which blogs do you follow/pursue/engage with?
  5. Do you feel that this blog is endorsed by a company?
  6. Have you ever purchased anything promoted by this blog?
  7. Has this blog changed your perspective on anything?
  8. Have you ever incorporated advice from this blog into your personal space?

Other thoughts for the week

I’ve been immersing myself in the environment I’m trying to engage with. So far I have learned the following:

  • There are loads of Mommy blogs–duh.
  • So many of the popular ones seem to be based on NYC living or California nature-parenting. You’re either country, or city. Is there an in-between?
  • Some obviously are selling sponsored products while the best are subtly interjecting those items. Ads on the more high caliber blogs are not imposing but integrated in the content. Others, like DIY blogs, have pages dedicated to “where to buy”.

I’ve been using best-of sites to suss out the ones that I admire most. My next field of inquiry will be a search through WordPress specific sites to see if there are any that might be interesting to pursue.

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