March 6

I’ve been working on my survey this week and completed it just last night. The hope is that it reflects my interest in understanding the tricky topic of negative comments (which is in part why I never comment on a thing online–who wants that kind of negativity in their life) and sponsorship on blogs.  It is a fascinating area. As I researched the blogs I plan to engage with I noticed their copyright information had several of the most popular represented by Cafe Media. These are not your average WordPress blogs. The Cafe Media brand supports these blogs and it appears that they have developed particular style approaches for each blog. It is certainly a step into the professional bloggers compared to blogs that are not backed by agencies/sponsors.

I’ve worked up an intro for my prospective survey launch. Based on the instructions on UXBeginner. Below is the draft:

Hello readers! I’m Nicole, a researcher with George Mason University. I am working on developing my own blog and am interested in learning a bit more about online communities and hope to get insight from participants like you. Would you please take a moment to complete this survey? It shouldn’t take too much time, and your responses are completely anonymous. I appreciate your willingness to help me understand the best parts of the blogging community!

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