March 20

I am certainly behind. I’ve researched my sites and I am more than happy with three of them. ClassyClutter, A Cup of Jo, and Making it Lovely have been contacted and I await their responses. I wrote my interview requests and paired them with an ask to include my survey in their comment sections on more popular posts. This is obviously a hit or miss approach as I will need to keep my ear to the ground for popular posts and hopefully get in early to grab those scrolling through comments.

I hope I didn’t come off too strong with a couple of them. I truly admire the work that these women do. I was surprised when I was walking through my local Target last week to find that one of the blogs I am following, Love Taza, was set up with an end-aisle display with travel goods. The blog is written by Naomi, who goes by Taza, and focuses on travel, food, and parenting in NYC. I was pleasantly surprised to see a touch of a bigger blog out in the real world. This blog is probably only going to suffice for survey responses as she has an extensive Q&A section answering many of the questions I am seeking answers to.

Love Taza

I really need to get back in the swing of things. Spring Break is less exciting since I got a dog, bought a house, started grad school, had kids, and don’t get to travel in the middle of the week on a whim anymore. Two more months until graduation!


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