Adventures in Baltimore

A few weeks ago, our family took a drive to Baltimore and stayed at the Brookshire Suites off the inner harbor. Out the gate—suites are the way to go with kids. I am converted. I am a believer. Take my money. I am so happy with the idea of a door between us when bedtime passes and the ability to schlump on a couch and watch late night TV. These suites were so nice and affordable. We booked a king bed and brought our own playpen. (Sidebar: The Graco Pack ‘n Play Jetsetter Playard is amazing! We take this puppy with us everywhere these days as the baby’s primary sleeping location and the go-to placement for avoiding over-used hotel floors.) We shared the bed with our toddler, which is standard on trips these days, and a king is best. The view from the Brookshire Suites was okay and the included breakfast was enough even to satisfy our toddler!

Phillips DinnerOur first night was a Friday during Lent so we were on the hunt for a family-friendly seafood restaurant. Not hard to find on the harbor. We went for Phillips after a free crab dip offer from the concierge at the hotel. While we were there a little on the early side we were able to bring our stroller to the table and keep the baby in a comfy place. Dinner did not disappoint. A little loud, but that always helps when there are kids involved. The wait staff was friendly and we were able to make it through a whole meal with just a little help from the tablet.

20180324_131045We spent all of Saturday playing at ReGeneration Who. This is an annual conference for all things Doctor Who and was a blast! We’d never been to a fandom specific convention before so we were unsure of what to expect. We booked tickets for the photo op with the Doctor himself—Peter Capaldi! The photo also included Michelle Gomez, the outgoing Master of the long-running sci-fi series. Peter and Michelle were amazing. Our kids were a little antsy, particularly our daughter who is three and certainly of the age of fidgets and shyness. The photos ended up perfection after all and the day was a victorious reverie of all things fandom.

20180325_144419Our Sunday was about the kids. We went to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum after attending mass at the Basilica. This was insanity wrapped in cotton candy. While the exhibits were a bit over a three-year-old’s head the fun was there. We took her through everything we could and she ran hard. The biggest draw was the multi-level climbing scaffold (heavily walled with nets and other safety precautions). I can honestly say that this was the most fun she had all weekend and she barely skimmed the surface of all that she could do in the space. I look forward to taking the kids back as they grow up to really get their hands on the place.

All in all, the mini-break weekend was a success. We managed to get around and have a great amount of fun in the process. Life with two little kids can keep you stuck inside your house and we are working our way to outing after outing. I love taking the kids out and seeing them experience the world, but it is exhausting and can be a bit of a stress-inducing nightmare if not managed properly. I’m just trying to get them the best experiences I can while holding on to my sanity.

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