March 20

I am certainly behind. I’ve researched my sites and I am more than happy with three of them. ClassyClutter, A Cup of Jo, and Making it Lovely have been contacted and I await their responses. I wrote my interview requests and paired them with an ask to include my survey in their comment sections on … More March 20

March 6

I’ve been working on my survey this week and completed it just last night. The hope is that it reflects my interest in understanding the tricky topic of negative comments (which is in part why I never comment on a thing online–who wants that kind of negativity in their life) and sponsorship on blogs.  It … More March 6

February 27

Questions for Survey of Blog Readers What draws you to this blog? How frequently do you read this blog? How much time do you spend on this space a week? Do you re-post this blog to social media or through your own blog? Do you comment on this blog? Have you ever experienced a negative … More February 27

Toddlers, Tiaras, and Mommy’s Stress Level

Have you ever been to see a princess? Not the real ones, monarchy and what-not. No, I mean the princess.  Our particular princesses are currently Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen. These two ladies show you what the meaning of love is (and it isn’t found in a gallant partner) but your sibling, your family. Case and … More Toddlers, Tiaras, and Mommy’s Stress Level

February 20

Honestly, I would rather be stuck staring at my own code at one in the morning and developing a website independently of the overabundance of features that WordPress has to offer. It is getting incredibly annoying trying to navigate through the two dashboards. Anyways, I have worked on branding across platforms–Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all … More February 20

Laundry Room Anew

When we moved into the house in 2011 there was one glaring issue–the laundry room. The other spaces were workable for a time. Open with nothing in them. However, the house didn’t come with a washer or dryer so empty was a problem. We purchased them with the other appliances for the house (this was … More Laundry Room Anew

February 5

Part A) I have tacked on several (possibly 10 too many) tags to my About Nicole page. In an effort to create a more seamless brand I have updated my Twitter and LinkedIn pages to match my website’s design. The header is from a trip we took to NYC years ago while the personal image … More February 5